Solana API Endpoints Deprecation (27/02/2023)

Unfortunately, due to a lack of growth in usage and adoption of the service, we have decided to deprecate the Solana API endpoints on 27th February 2023.


Solana Collections Statistics (volumes, floor prices etc)

The collections trade and floor price statistics are important for every collection owner, the platform owner, and for the trader. NFTPort released a collection stats endpoint, which gives you all the basic input you need:


TOP NFT Collections in Ethereum&Solana

We released Top Collections endpoints on two chains:


Multi-chain Collection Search

NFTPort introduces a new Collection Search multi-chain feature, covered in


OpenRarity to Rank NFTs

NFTPort launched a Rarity feature to Ethereum NFTs, built up on OpenRarity


New, personalized docs

We're glad to show off our new documentation page. You're seeing it right now!


2022 November: more transaction data, Solana trending collections, contract search

Here's a summary of major changes we've made in the past month:


Rinkeby removed

Rinkeby - the Ethereum testnet - is now removed from all NFTPort APIs, as the ecosystem has mostly dropped support for it (including node providers).


Seaport off-chain + LooksRare & X2Y2 off-chain transaction support

We've added support for more transactions from specific marketplaces, in Transactions endpoints.


Polygon NFT transaction data

The Transactions API endpoints now also support Polygon (with the exception of Retrieve all transactions API).