New, personalized docs

We're glad to show off our new documentation page. You're seeing it right now!

Here are some notable improvements:

  • 🗝 Personalized docs: click "Log in" in the top right, and your API key will be prefilled in every tutorial and API reference page. When logged in:
    • You can run code examples as-is, and they'll run with your API key 🤯
  • 🎨 Clear navigation: find docs under "Docs", and detailed API reference under "API reference". Better, right?
  • 🌓 Dark mode: you can toggle this by clicking the ☀️ symbol in the top right.
  • 🗓️ Changelog: you can now see product updates - such as this one - right in the docs.

We also fixed many longstanding issues: bugs in sample code and interactive terminal; broken links; ugly URLs; API try-it box defaults; a more informative landing page, and more.

Of course, that's not it: we'll continue to improve the docs experience for you every week.