Solana Collections Statistics (volumes, floor prices etc)

The collections trade and floor price statistics are important for every collection owner, the platform owner, and for the trader. NFTPort released a collection stats endpoint, which gives you all the basic input you need:

  • Floor prices
  • Sales and volumes
  • Total supply

The statistics are updated at 1-hour intervals and it currently supports one and seven day volumes/prices.


  • collection_id - NFTPort has generated a unique collection_id for every Solana collection.


GET /v0/solana/transactions/stats/collection_id


curl --request GET \
     --url \
     --header 'Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY' \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

Example response

collection_id = degods-2e761366

  "statistics": {
    "one_day_volume": 27845.31,
    "one_day_change": -0.5483341236087078,
    "one_day_sales": 49,
    "one_day_average_price": 566.4376,
    "seven_day_volume": 424969.8135,
    "seven_day_sales": 796,
    "seven_day_average_price": 535.8138509236949,
    "floor_price": 400,
    "total_volume": 26552.319,
    "total_supply": 7504,
    "updated_date": "2022-12-28T10:01:09.133Z"