2022 November: more transaction data, Solana trending collections, contract search

Here's a summary of major changes we've made in the past month:

Below is a list of smaller improvements we've made over the course of the last month.

๐Ÿ“– Multi-chain NFT data

  • Retrieve contracts owned by account is now supported on Polygon
  • Retrieve NFTs created by an account is now more up-to-date
  • Contract information now covers Polygon in addition to Ethereum, and covers more contracts
  • Fixes and improvements
    • Improved blocks/tokens/nfts/ownerships coverage (~2M NFTs added), increasing overall quality
    • Retrieve NFT details owner property now experiencing less errors

โœ๏ธ Minting, contracts & storage

  • Ethereum transaction gas fees can now be increased to make sure transactions are more reliably executed during periods of gas fee volatility (Enterprise customers only)
  • Fixes and improvements
    • All transactions (including minting, contract deployment, etc) are now more reliable on Polygon and Gรถrli chains as gas handling has improved

๐ŸŽ› Documentation & Dashboard

  • Fixes and improvements
    • More default parameters in API reference, so your API calls are more likely to succeed