Solana API Endpoints Deprecation (27/02/2023)

Unfortunately, due to a lack of growth in usage and adoption of the service, we have decided to deprecate the Solana API endpoints on 27th February 2023.

This was not an easy decision but, on the back of slow adoption growth, we believe our efforts are best placed elsewhere. We apologise for any disruption caused by this decision and will do our best to help you make the transition.

Ahead of the 27th we will:

  • Remove Solana marketing materials
  • Deprecate the documentation
  • Provide support relating to developers transitioning away from Solana

On the 27th we will:

  • Remove Solana from our documentation
  • Cease to provide Solana related support

We’d like to re-iterate our apologies for any disruption this may cause, thank you for your support to date and recommend Alchemy and Moralis as good replacement solutions.