Updates an NFT which has been previously minted with Customizable minting
or Batch customizable minting. You can update the metadata URI with a new link or freeze the metadata URI to permanently lock it. The NFT must be minted in your deployed contract and update only works if contract and token are not frozen.

  1. First, you need contract_address from Deploy a contract for NFT products and metadata_updatable must be set true.
  2. Secondly, you need token_id from Customizable minting or Batch customizable minting.
  3. If you only wish to update the metadata URI set a new metadata_uri. If you wish to update metadata URI and freeze both at the same time then set a new metadata_uri and freeze_metadata as true. If you only want to freeze existing metadata URI, then set freeze_metadata as true.

Useful for:

  • Creating dynamic NFTs (NFTs that change after minting based on events).
  • Revealing NFTs after the drop.


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