Search collections across multiple chains using a text query, within the name, description, and symbol fields of the collection. You can think of it like performing a search on Google.

Supported chains are Ethereum, Polygon.
Please note this endpoint uses the Ethereum naming convention.

We support advanced search, similar to Google:

  • unquoted text searches all the keywords in no particular order.
  • "quoted text" searches the exact phrase.
  • or searches one or another keyword.
  • - searches and returns results without the keyword with the dash.
  • You can also combine the options. For example, the search query -stoner "ape club" returns all collections with the name "ape club" (not "ape yacht club") and excludes results that contain the word "stoner" (excludes "stoner ape club").

Useful for:

  • Integrating contract search to your application.
  • Finding contracts by their name, description, or symbol.


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